Monday 18 June 2007

Don't ever sign anything!

Well, OK, sometimes you have to but we keep hearing of consumers who are forced, sometimes quite forcibly, to sign contracts without fully understanding what they contain.
Whether it's a holiday time-share contract that turns out to be "irrevocable", a store credit scheme even though you have been offered something on a three-month zero-interest basis or, most recently a "Voluntary Repossession Order" that means you have to pay for things you have returned to a store and have never actually used, it's all very scary.
Our suggestion is just don't sign things.  At least not until you've read them several times, passed them by your husband or wife or by your cousin the lawyer.
If you aren't 100% certain then just walk away.  Demand a copy of what they want you to sign and if, as often happens, they won't let you take a contract away to read in the comfort of your own home then don't just walk away, RUN!

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